How to Make a Great Pitch using Thumbraise

Nic Weber
December 3, 2020

What makes a good pitch?

A good pitch helps someone immediately understand what you’re trying to do. The best way to help someone understand your business is by telling them a story. Your pitch should be a compelling story that grabs your audience's attention and keeps them engaged.

Thumbraise's unique pitch creation

Thumbraise is designed to alleviate the anxiety around creating your pitch. The networks you are pitching choose which questions they want you to answer, so knowing what to say is less of a problem. The companies who have already pitched on Thumbraise have been creative in their approaches and we looked at the data to find what works well for getting the best engagement.

When creating your pitch you should be answering these questions:

  • How can I get the person watching my pitch to understand my business?
  • Why is my idea a good investment?
  • Why am I a good investment?

Eye contact

Make sure to look at the camera, not at the screen of your recording device. Studies have shown a positive correlation between the eye contact of the speaker and the audience’s ability to retain information.

Keep it simple & show some passion

You need to convey your passion and enthusiasm to investors. Look to increase and capture your energy as you record your pitch. Show investors that you have the drive to help your business overcome the setbacks you are bound to face.

Tempo & Language

Make sure to speak clearly and enunciate! Use simple sentences and words that you would actually use in a real conversation. Avoid using more than two verbs in a sentence.

Reveal your target audience

Explain who your target audience is. Information about your target audience will help to convince investors that there’s enough demand for your startup’s product / services to justify their investment.


Using analogies is a powerful way to help someone understand your idea. An Analogy helps fill an understanding gap for the viewer. Saying "we're the Uber for grocery shopping" is a great way to explain your business because people already know exactly what Uber is.

Appeal to self-interest

People matter most to themselves, so try to appeal to their own self-interest.

Rely on human emotion

Abstract numbers are hard to grasp. Try “we save the average company enough to hire three full-time employees” instead of “we save the average company $15,000 per month”.