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Send out your pitch and complete your raise using Thumbraise
Question 1

Can I successfully raise with the free account?

Absolutely! We wanted to ensure companies who are bootstrapping or resource constrained can still raise on our platform. You are able to create and send your pitches without issue, but you won't be able to have multiple pitches at the same time.

Question 2

Can I customize my pitch?

Everyone's pitch is unique and we allow for some flexibility when creating your pitch. We created our pitch template to focus on the most common aspects of a pitch investors are looking for. If you want to customize which questions you answer in your pitch reach out to us! We would be happy to help.

Question 3

Are the analytics real time?

Our analytics are delayed by only a few seconds!

Question 4

Can I control who sees my pitch?

You have complete control of who sees your pitch. You can turn off your pitch links or delete your pitch to ensure specific people are seeing your content.

Question 5

What are links?

Links are the unique URLs you can generate for your pitch. You can create unlimited links for your pitches.

Uses for links:
Create a unique link for each person you are sending your pitch to. This way you can know who is looking at your content without requiring them to view it with an email address.

Name your links individually to track who you are sending them to.

Turn off your links when you don't want anyone else seeing your pitch.

Question 6

Can I host my event on Thumbraise?

Absolutely! We have hosted many events on our platform and have helped raise tens of millions for the companies who have posted their pitch. We can run totally virtual pitch events, demo days, corporate feedback/meeting events, and more.

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