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What to expect at a Thumbraise event

Private Networking Experiences.

Customize your network sections, Filter by specific criteria, customizable profiles, and more.

Rich media experience.

Our event attendees love our unique rich media experience. It doesn't just feel like another live call event. Review a deck, watch video, connect in multiple ways, and collect analytics.

Book Meetings

Book a meeting instantly via a calendar tool to get a time slot, cutting down all the back and forth.

Capture Feedback

Feedback can be optionally shared with the company either anonymously or not. Feedback can also be used for scoring or judging.

Analytics and reports

The analytics we collect at your event give you a brand new perspective on your success. With our reports you can measure every aspect of your event.

Custom Pitch Templates

At the heart of the Thumbraise platform is an innovative experience that interviews founders in a Q&A format. This enables: consistent information capture, custom answer-based network filters, and Flexibility to allow founders to capture their pitch in text or video form.


Sponsors are very easy to integrate into the platform. They can promote many types of content and we'll provide analytics and insights for them to track their success at the event.

Import and export.

Import any data you want and export all the analytics we collect during your event.

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