Analytics on Thumbraise

Nic Weber
December 3, 2020

Shining a light on an otherwise dark area of fundraising

Imagine a world where you had to wait months for your web analytics data to refresh. This is the exact scenario happening in the venture capital world today. The vast majority of data is only available after public listing.

We are aiming to change that.

We've always had a keen focus on analytics and how to tell a story with all the data we collect. If a user wants to improve their pitch by reviewing engagement: we have data for that. If a fund is trying to track which of their companies gets the most interest: we have data for that. If an investor wants to see companies that match their thesis: we have data for that. If a service provider wants to see what companies are engaging with their content: we have data for that.

New ways to track investment interest

Network owners have a simple way to track interest in the companies on their network. Use any of the engagement metrics made available on the platform.

Track general activity

It is simple to see who is engaging inside your network. See which days are most popular and which users are returning most often.

Total pitch views by hours watched

See how many hours of pitches are being watched. Broken down by day, it gives good insight into which days are the most active for pitch viewing.

Company pitch engagement

Track which pitches are being watched the most. See how the watch time translates to deck views or connections. Sort the companies by average view time, number of views, connections, or other metrics.

Target specific user engagements

We allow you to track specific users and see which companies they are engaging with. Want to make sure the company you suggested is being seen? Now you can.

Track all connections

The main point of the platform is to drive connections. Founders and investors connecting is key and we capture each one.

We are excited about what our analytics can provide both investors and founders. If you are interested about how these insights can improve your process reach out to us! We would love to chat.