How to raise venture capital on Thumbraise

Nic Weber
December 3, 2020

How to raise venture capital on Thumbraise

Doing your first, second, or umpteenth raise can be very stressful and confusing. Venture capital is a game of who knows who and warm introductions. You might be wondering if you should you be raising from angel investors, angel groups, or venture capital firms. You also might worry about the amount of time required to make custom decks, setting time to pitch, finding email addresses, and everything else that going into raising venture capital.

We have a solution for your venture capital woes: Thumbraise

If you don't already know, Thumbraise is an app which allows you to quickly make a high quality pitch and share it with networks of investors on the app. Those networks of investors could be a group of angels, a venture capital fund, venture capital scouts, prominent angel investors, accelerators, or even competitions where you can win equity venture funding.

What kind of companies are on Thumbraise?

Many Early stage, Pre -Seed, Seed, and Series-A companies have added their pitch to Thumbraise and have reached hundreds of investors all at once saving them a ton of time.

The founders on our platform love the easy access to venture capital and groups of venture capitalists.

How do you get venture capital on Thumbraise?

We host networks of venture capital firms, venture capital funds, angel investors, angel networks, and others on Thumbraise. We'll tell you exactly who you should pitch and walk you through how to pitch these networks. You can send your pitch to as many venture capital networks as you want to. We make it easy to pitch 100 networks in no time at all!

How long does it take to get my pitch created?

It takes most people under an hour to create their pitch! If you have ever made an Instagram story, creating your pitch is just as simple. We keep hearing from the vc's on the platform how much they enjoy seeing the founders behind the companies pitching them.

How long does it take to get noticed on the platform?

Once you upload your pitch to a network, the owner of that network will get a notification and go watch your pitch. It could take as little as a few minutes before they reach out to you.

What can I expect when a vc or angel reaches out to me?

We never want to get in the middle of the deal, so if a vc or angel is interested in your company, we just let them contact you through your email address! We fit snugly into your existing workflow by not introducing another tool to manage your inbound messages.

Does it cost anything?

Nope! That is the best part. Thumbraise never charges founders looking to get access to venture capital. We make our money by charging venture capital funds to host their network on the platform so you can find them!

How do I get started?

Install Thumbraise on your phone and start pitching! We'll tell you exactly who to talk to based on your company information.