Charley Meyer
December 3, 2020

Creating your pitch

Is there a time limit for video clips?

No, there is no time limit for video clips.

Does video content drive more engagement?

We find that most answers that are video get much better engagement with investors.   Not all questions require video, but it is preferred.

Do I need to reformat my existing video content into portrait mode?

No, but we find that the portrait mode videos tend to be more visually appealing and may even lead to greater engagement.

Do you support landscape videos?

Yes, while we support landscape-oriented videos, it is best to use portrait-oriented videos.

Can I upload videos I make on my laptop?

Yes, we recommend saving your videos to iCloud or Google Photos, or Dropbox and downloading them to your phone.  Our app will allow you to upload videos directly from your cloud folders.

My video content is in Google Drive and I can’t access that through the video upload scene, what should I do? (iOS only)

You will need to download the video to your local device by following the instructions below:

1. Open the Google Drive app 

2. Next to the video you want to download, tap the more icon 

3. Tap “Send a copy” 

4. Tap “Save Video”

Should I put my pitch deck in portrait format?

Not required, investors can tilt their phone to view landscape orientated decks.

How long does it take for my pitch to get posted to a network?

Pitches are sent to network owners for approval immediately upon submission.  Network owners are responsible for approving pitches to be released to their network followers.  

My pitch deck contains financial information I don’t want to reveal to anonymous investors so do I have to upload one?

Yes, you need to upload a deck in order to pitch a network. If you are worried about giving away your “secret sauce” or financial information, you can always cut that out, and provide offline to interested investors.

Is there a way to embed my pitch on my website?

This is currently not available but is coming soon.

Why are questions different between networks?

Each network determines what questions are most important to them. While networks may have different questions, your answers are automatically saved so you do not have to answer the same questions multiple times.

Using Thumbraise

How can I reach out to investors?

Founders are unable to reach out directly to investors on the Thumbraise platform. If they are interested, investors make the first move. Investors live in public and private networks on the Thumbraise platform.

What is a network?

Networks are groups of investors organized around angel groups, venture funds, events, accelerators, entrepreneurship support organizations. Pitch view access to networks can be public or private, and followers can be restricted to open, approval required, or invite-only.

How can I create a network?

Networks are requested to be created by completing the following form. 

Who can I speak with to learn more about creating a network for my conference?

Reach out to us at success@thumbraise.com to speak to our team.

Can I see who looks at my pitch?

Founders control which networks their pitch is submitted into. Coming soon, we’ll let you know how many views you had on your pitch by network. If you share your pitch to a direct investor outside of a network via a direct link, we’ll reveal views by individual investors.

Can I have different pitches for different networks?

Yes!  Each network allows you to create a new and unique pitch. We’ll pre-populate answers from the most recently used answers, however, you are able to update/change those answers for any new submissions.  

Can my cofounder access the account?

Currently, we only allow one account to pitch on behalf of a company.

How many investors / startups do you have on the platform?

We aren’t disclosing the number of companies and investors, but we currently have over 200 networks on the platform, 180+ of those networks are private.

Who is going to have access to my email address?

We make it simple for investors to connect with founders on our platform.  Investors who chose to connect with you as a result of seeing your pitch will get access to your email address to email you for an introduction.

Why should I be on the platform if I just completed my raise?

It is valuable to stay connected in the networks and startup/investor networks, we enable networks to post out to followers, and soon will offer founders to provide company updates to investors.

I want to include a link to my company website, how do I do this?

We’ll soon be adding support for company profiles to link to websites and social media accounts.

Is there a limit on how many networks I can pitch?

For a limited time, we’re allowing you to pitch as many networks as you want, but will soon be adding restrictions to limit to a fixed number per week, and rolling out a new feature to manage this process for premium members.

Is there any type of verification process on the investor side?

Thumbraise is managing the approval process of network creation, and allow each network owner to manage the access to the network themselves. Its their network to manage, not our’s.  We will remove investor accounts if we determine they are violating our terms of service and code of conduct.

How do you make money?

We’re currently a freemium only platform, with premium account classes for founders, networks, and investors that will unlock new features that enrich the experience of managing raises, matchmaking investors, analytics, investor updates, and many more. 

Does the ability to download the Thumbraise application to a laptop or desktop exist?

Thumbraise is currently only available as an app.